For help please either visit our Facebook page or have a look at the Youtube tutorials.

I love this project, and think it is incredibly powerful and of value to people but .... It is a tool, not a promise. It is an idea, not personalized financial advice. I can't offer you any direct advice, as I don't know you. 


As this is new I'm still checking the math’s, and consider the project in Beta.


Please make your own judgments and use at your own risk. No warranties or promises given. I am confidant all works well, but you do need to carefully check that payment amounts (especially where averaged over months), payment frequency’s, interest rates on loans etc. are entered carefully.


My final word of warning is that you need to think ahead cash flow wise. If you have payments that increase dramatically (like power in winter) or bills that are paid annually then you need to make sure you have money available to make these payments. This app only works out on a monthly basis what your income and expense situation is, it does not plan cash flow.


For help please either visit the Facebook page or have a look in the tutorials. I'd love to get your feedback or offer some direction if it makes a difference.