This is a budgeting web application developed by myself to help people easily create a budget, and even more importantly explore different financial possibilities open to them.

For many people their financial situation is in a sad state of affairs. They over spend, and have little idea how to think about their money. We know it's hard, and have been there ourselves so don't give up hope.


Our experience was similar and despite good incomes, we lived for many years struggling from paycheck to paycheck. We always spent beyond our means and were drowning in debt.


That was until we implemented this really simple system of budgeting. I've been asked by so many people if they could use it so have now created this website for you to play with and explore your own possibilities.


It's oh so very Simple! It doesn't require balancing a chequebook or being an accountant, but it does allow you to easily see what's happening and experiment with different financial possibilities. I call them scenarios. You get to play "What If" for free, using a fun and easy tool that has the power of a spreadsheet to develop your budget but without the heartache.


This is an idea, not a promise. It is a tool, not personalized financial advice. I can't offer you any direct advice, as I don't know you. Please make your own judgments and use at your own risk. No warranties or promises given.