Stop Living Like This!

When did budgeting get so hard? Total this, depreciate that, compound everything out 50 years. That's all bulls*t. The Possibility Calcultor is a tool that allows you to do 3 simple things really well.

#1 Create a monthly budget, easier than you can imagine.

#2 Dream and play, "what if". What if I pay off that debt?, What if I change my job? All your decisions effect your budget, but most tools don't allow for that; but The Possibility Calculator does, making decision making super easy.

#3 Bring your money to life. Money shouldn't be de-personalised. Put cash in your pocket and have fun reviewing your budget daily. We paid off our consumer debt in less than 2 years, could you do this too? Don't ever let budgeting be difficult again. You deserve better. When you're ready, Sign in and start creating your monthly budget for free.

Simple budgeting

Creating your budget is easy. Simply load all your bills with the amount and how regularly you pay them, weekly, monthly etc. Everything is then automatically averaged to a per month amount. As you make changes all totals are updated immediately highlighting what's left or by how much your short.

As often as you like have a look at your time till debt free chart, or nett worth graphs. Get those lines moving in the right direction and everything is shorted.

All the power of a spreadsheet with out a single column to total. When you're ready just sign in for free.

Consider The Options

Sonya and I have been together now for 23 years and argued about money for 21 of them. It was always one person controlling the computer or arguing about the format of the budget.

It wasn't always about a lack of money as it was about being engaged in making things better at different times. If one was up, the other was busy. What we discovered was we needed a really easy way to come together and review our bills and aspirations almost weekly (in fact Thursday nights) so that we stayed focused. Lots of small decisions was easier than irregular big ones.

That was a wonderful start, but the real power and change started once a little discipline and a simple system allowed us to start playing "what if". What if we got rid of that credit card? What if we spent less on food? What if got rid of Pay TV? We were totally elated at how quickly things changed. We'd also realised how previously we'd made poor decisions that had been holding us back.

When the choices were in front of us, we started making better ones. Seriously there is no freedom like not having to find $100 you don't have because you wasted it. If this sounds like you ... sign in for free.

Debt Free!

We all have a dream ... become debt free, go on that trip, save for a house and for some people just the ability to pay their bills.

For us, consumer debt was the big emotional burden. It's one thing to work to pay for a home or put food on the table but to have to work to pay interest on something purchased years ago eventually makes you feel like a slave.

What ever you're working towards the process is the same. First decide, then work out what you can afford put towards that goal, that will result in how long it's going to take to achieve. The Possibility Calculator has a 'Time Till Debt Free Chart' to assist, next play 'what if' to see what other choices would make this happen sooner.

Sometimes you'll get excited by the alternatives and other times realise the goal is not so important. A conscious decision is normally a great decision. Create a monthly budget for free; play "what if" for as little as $5 a month. - You'll be saving in no time.


Wouldn't it be awesome if sharing was more important than 'Keeping Up With The Jones? It's early days, but we dream of building a strong community around good finance. Budgeting isn't for poor people, it's for smart people so lets support each other with ways to break from the burden of consumer debt ... lets make budgeting fun and goal setting and achievement effective.

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Here's to imaging a brighter future Come join us.